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At S&J Meta, LLC, we are committed to powering up your business with a trusted supply of critical minerals. Headquartered in the USA, our company has direct exclusive connections to mines in West Africa, allowing us to provide a secure and reliable source of high-quality minerals. We specialize in a wide range of ores, including lithium, copper, Kunzite, lead, iron, and beryllium. As an American company registered locally, federally, and with the SBA, we offer a level of security and transparency that sets us apart in the industry.

Great Cuts

Unlock the Best Mineral Cuts for Your Business

At S&J Meta, LLC, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional cuts of critical minerals that meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team ensures each batch of ore is processed to deliver maximum value, enhancing your production capabilities and driving your business forward. Experience the difference that precision and expertise bring to your mineral supplies.

Direct from Mines

Exclusive Direct Connections to West African Mines

S&J Meta, LLC offers exclusive direct connections to high-quality mines in West Africa. This direct relationship allows us to provide you with a reliable and secure supply chain, minimizing risks and ensuring you receive your materials promptly and efficiently. Trust us to be your direct link to the world's best mineral resources.

Industrial Grade

Commitment to High-Quality Grade Minerals

Quality is non-negotiable at S&J Meta, LLC. We are committed to supplying a wide range of mineral grades to meet your specific needs, including industrial-grade materials. Whether you require high-purity ores for specialized applications or robust industrial-grade minerals, our rigorous quality control processes ensure you receive the best materials for your operations. Choose S&J Meta for a versatile and reliable supply of lithium, copper, Kunzite, lead, iron, and beryllium ores.

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